Annual Finance Report 2014-15

Accounting Statements 2014_15



Governance Statement 2014_15


Internal Audit report 2014_15

Bank reconciliation 2014_15

An explanation of significant variances (e.g. more than 10-15%) in the statement of accounts for the relevant year and the previous year can be found below:

Significant Variances 2014-2015

Further financial information regarding the Parish Council can be found on the Transparency Code Page.

East Claydon Parish Council Register of Public Land and Building Assets – 31 March 2015 Register

Item                                                                             Location                                         Value
Village Hall                                                                      Botyl Road                                     £541,094
Botolph Claydon Clock Tower & Clock                      Botyl Road                                       £55,920
Botyl Road, Botolph Claydon Playground                St Marys Road                                  £ 9,000

Land valued at purchase price, 2011.
External Auditor has notified the Parish Council in their report from our 2012/13 annual audit, that as stated in the Practitioners’ Guide, local councils should account for fixed assets at their purchase cost. If this is not known, a proxy cost should be substituted. (e.g. insurance value). Whatever valuation basis is adopted, this should be applied consistently and the ‘book’ value should stay constant until disposal. Where the insurance value has been used as a proxy, it should not be adjusted for any inflation increases.