Minutes of Parish Council Meeting In East Claydon Village Hall

At 8pm on Thursday 19 September 2019
Those Present: Councillors Peter Wright (Chair), Colin Kitchen (CK), Gary Baldwin (GB). Gareth Williams (GW)

Also present: Public 5, Carole Jackman (Clerk)
1. Appointment of new Parish Councillor: Chair welcomed Gareth Williams onto the Parish Council.

Open Forum: The following issues were raised:

  1. i)  Church Roof: A resident present enquired if the Parish Council would make a contribution towards thecost of the repairs to the Church roof. It was pointed out that the Parish Council is limited in what it can contribute to the church but would try to support it and would research what legally it can donate. It was noted that residents had formed a Funding Committee and are investigating funding sources.
  2. ii)  Speed watch: Due to the lack of support from the police, the speed watch team had dwindled to 3. It was noted that a white Citroen again had been caught travelling at 48mph passed the school.
    Action: Speed watch coordinator to send registration details to Cllr GB for him to follow up. Cllr GB Chair had recently attended an open forum organised by James Davies, Community & Engagement Inspector, Aylesbury Vale LPA, at which concern was expressed at the lack of support from the police on speed watch.Action: Chair to raise the issue again at the next Local Area Forum. Chair

    It was noted that Clarkes lorries have been monitored exceeding the speed limit.

    Action: Speed watch coordinator to send details to Chair who will write to Clarkes. Chair

  1. Apologies: Cllrs Martin Hughes (MH) and Martin Paul (MP), CC Angela Macpherson, DC John Chilvers.
  2. Declarations of Interest: None.
  3. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 15 August 2019The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 15 August 2019 were approved by those present and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
  4. Matters Arising:There were no matters arising.
  5. Planning (2018-19 applications are at Appendix 1)

6.1 Applications
19/02398/APP – New Farm Barn St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 6 dwellings and associated parking, residential amenity and landscaping.
16 to 20 people attended a site meeting organised by Chair at which concern was expressed regarding:

• access to the site and the fact that a report from the Highways Agency still had not been submitted; • loss of trees;
• lack of parking for the number of houses proposed;
• lack of a footpath from the site into the village.

Once a decision by AVDC Planning has been made it was not clear what influence the Parish can put on the final developer to adhere to the approval.
19/03005/APP: Erection of garage to side elevation, New Farm 2 St Marys Road East Claydon
Decision: Council had no objection.



6.2 School Car Park
No updates were available. It was noted that parking is becoming a serious issue.

  1. PlaygroundCllrs GB reported that he had replaced the bolts in some of the equipment. No other repairs were required.
  2. Village Speed WatchNoted under Open Forum.
  3. Devolved ServicesIt was agreed to accept the Bucks County Council Agreement for Devolved Services until 31st March 2022.
    Action: Clerk to inform Bucks County Council Clerk
  4. Roads / Pathways

10.1 White Lines
The white lining still had not been carried out. It was noted that it was on the Transport for Bucks (TfB) programme of works.
10.2 Footpath
It was noted that the repair on the footpath opposite the village hall had been inspected by TfB and was on its programme of works.

  1. Grass / Tree / Hedge cuttingThe cutting back of the overgrowth at the Triangle had not been carried out yet.

    Action: Clerk to follow up with contractor. Clerk

    It was noted that the hedge on the Sandhill Road was overhanging the road and needed to be cut back.

    Action: Clerk to write to owner to ask for the hedge to be cut back.

  2. Bucks County Council (BCC) / Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) Modernising Local Government in Buckinghamshire
    There were no updates.
  3. Finance and Accounts
    1. 13.1  Finance Report: Clerk presented the finance report (App 2) which was approved by Council.
    2. 13.2  Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19

    PKF Littlejohn, the external auditor, had approved the 2018/19 accounts.

  4. Village Hall

14.1 Fire Alarm Cllr GB reported that:

  • the fire alarm had been installed;
  • new committee members had been appointed;
  • new events have been planned;
  • the hall is booked every evening;
  • the Church gets the use of the hall free of charge.

He also reported, and Chair agreed, that he should go ahead to get a price for the work that is needed on the trees.
Action: Cllr GB to get quotation for tree work.
It was noted that a new Chairman of the Mushroom had been appointed. It was suggested that the Mushroom needs to be more widely publicised and that weekly entertainment would be a good idea.


Cllr GB

15. HS2 / East West Rail / Expressway 15.1 HS2

It was noted that the protest against HS2 at Calvert Green was well attended. Chair had attended a meeting in Middle Claydon where it was reported that because there had been a delay with HS2, EWR had been delayed due to the same contractors being used for both contracts in this locality.
15.2 East West Rail

No further updates were available.
15.3 Oxford to Cambridge Expressway
Chair presented a map, which he had put on Facebook, of the preferred corridor for the Expressway where one route comes very close to East Claydon. He emphasised how important it was to encourage everyone to be proactive in supporting the opposition.
It was noted that Bucks County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council had refused to sign Highways England non-disclosure agreement. It was also noted that AVDC had voted against the expressway following a Notice of Motion to opposing the expressway.

  1. Mushroom TreeIt was noted that although the mushroom tree had been treated, it was still looking ‘very sad’ and unlikely to survive. It was reported that the repairs to the structure surrounding the tree had been completed.
    Action: Clerk to write to Claydon Estate for advice on future treatment of the tree.
  2. Church RoofSee notes under Open Forum.
  3. General CorrespondenceThe general correspondence had been circulated to Councillors by email.
  4. Any Other Business

19.1 Clock

It was noted that the Clock is not working and in need of painting. It was agreed that Cllr CK should contact Smith of Derby as they had carried out the restoration.


Action: Cllr CK to contact Smith of Derby.

19.2 Best Kept Village
Cllr GB agreed to have the ‘Certificate of Merit’ framed and hung in the village hall.

20. Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held in the Village Hall at 8pm on Thursday 17th October 2019.

Meeting closed at 9pm

Cllr CK Cllr GB


Planning applications -2019 (at 19 September 2019)


19/00514/APP 19/01591/ALB

19/01691/APP 19/01692/ALB 19/02311/ALB

19/02398/APP 19/02520/APP 19/02920/APP 19/02921/APP 19/02930/APP 19/03005/APP


Monkomb Dairy Monkomb Farm Winslow Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2LF
Willow Cottage 44 Botyl Road Botolph Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2LR

23 Orchard Way Botolph Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NG 23 Orchard Way Botolph Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NG

New Farm 2 St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
New Farm Barn St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA

Plot D New Farm 2 St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
Midway House 2 St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
New Farm 2 St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
St Marys Church Church Way East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NB

New Farm 2 St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA


Withdrawn/Not Proceeded With Consent Granted

Approved Consent Granted Consent Granted

Awaiting decision Awaiting decision Awaiting decision Awaiting decision Awaiting decision Awaiting decision

43/19 APPENDIX 1

44/19 APPENDIX 2









Blacksmith Munro (cct Katie Wright)



Inv 245: Gate


Stretton Services



Inv 1183: website hosting


No Expresway Group



No Expressway Group Posters





Data Protection


Oakpark Alarms



Inv M:70632 – village hall fire alarm maintenance 1 Sept 2019 – 31 Aug 2020


PKF Littlejohn



Inv SB20192167 – Limited assurance review yf ending 31 March 2019





Inv 1887: devolved services grass cutting


C Jackman



Clerk salary July-September 2019





Clerk PAYE July-Septembder 2019