Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council – 8pm on Thursday 21 February 2019

 Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council
Held in East Claydon Village Hall
At 8pm on Thursday 21 February 2019

Those Present: Councillors Peter Wright (Chair), Martin Paul (MP) Gary Baldwin (GB), Martin Hughes (MH)  and Colin Kitchen (CK)
Also present:  Carole Jackman (Clerk), Rod Gibbard, Volunteer Thames Valley Police (for Speed watch only) and two members of the public.

Speed watch

Rod Gibbard explained his volunteer role in Thames Valley Police and gave a schedule of numbers of people caught speeding and letters sent out. The figures presented indicated that the speed watch is working.

Chair thanked Rod for attending the meeting who then left.

Open Forum for Parishioners:    HS2: A parishioner highlighted that HS2 are proposing to start clearing 250 acres of hedgerows and woodland at the site of the Steeple Claydon marshalling yard.      Chair had written to The Rt. Hon. Andrea Leadsom, MP, Leader of the House of Commons, requesting that she uses her influence to get this stopped. Parishioners are urged to do the same. It was also noted that the Bucks Herald have started a campaign to get this stopped. A campaign has also started on Facebook.

  1. Apologies: Cllr Paul Lupton
  2. Declarations of Interest:

There were no Declarations of Interest. 

  1. Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 17 January 2019

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 17 January 2019 were approved by those present and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising

4.1          Hinton Close

Clerk had requested that a reflector is placed on the wall at the bottom of the path from Hinton Close.

  1. Planning Applications

19/00263/APP: East Claydon School, St Marys Road, East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2LS
Change of use from agricultural to educational to include new car park and extension to school playing fields.
Deadline for comment: 25 February.
Council Decision:  The Parish Council agreed to submit the following comment to AVDC Planning with a more detailed separate letter. “In principle, the Parish Council strongly  supports this application.
However, it would prefer that there is an entrance and an exit at the far end of the parking area to allow a one way flow of vehicles. Also, that the drop off area is reconfigured so that the method of parking when discharging or collecting  the children is changed so that the cars do not have to reverse out of parking bays.”

19/00396/ALB:  New Farm, 2 St Marys Road, East Claydon, Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
Removal of tiles from roof for replacement of battens.
Deadline for comment: 4 March
Council Decision: No objection.

19/00514/APP: Proposed porch and single storey rear extension to existing approval 16/00154/APP, Monkomb Dairy Monkomb Farm, Winslow Road, East Claydon, Buckinghamshire MK18 2LF.
Deadline for comment: 4 March.
Council Decision: No objection.

APPEAL : 18/02245/COUAR | Determination as to whether prior approval is required in respect of transport & highway impact, noise, contamination risk, flooding and locational considerations for the conversion of an agricultural building into 4 dwellinghouses (Class Q(a)) and in relation to design and external appearance of the building (Class Q(b)). | Monkomb Farm Winslow Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2LF.

Start date 1 February.

Council Decision: Noted –  Council raised no objection to this planning application at its meeting on 19 July 2018.


  1. Playground
  • Maintenance

There were no maintenance issues reported.          

  1. Village Speed Watch

See comments above.

  1. Roads / Pathways
    • Pathway opposite village hall

Chair had received a letter from a resident asking for improvements to the footpath opposite the village hall, so that the children did not get their shoes muddy when crossing the road.
Action: Chair to respond informing the resident that the Council does not have the funds and is not empowered to carry out the requested work.                                           


  • Farm Exit

It was noted that there was a built up of ‘muck’ against the kerbing at the farm exit.
Action: Cllr GB will speak to the farmer to ask for the it to be cleaned out.                                           Cllr GB

  • Water Mains

It was noted that the water main cover near Chestnut View had been repaired. TfB had referred the repair of the water main cover opposite the village hall to Thames Water.

  1. Grass / Tree / Hedge cutting

9.1          Litter Pick

It was agreed to meet at the Village Hall at 10am on Sunday 3 March.

Actions: Cllr GB to check that the equipment is available, to advertise on Facebook, to get leaflets organised for printing and distribution and to ask if the village hall committee will organise some refreshments.                                                                                                                                                                 Cllr GB

Cllr CK to check whether the Mushroom Club will open.                                                                               Cllr CK

Clerk to obtain more rubbish bags.                                                                                                                              Clerk

  1. Bucks County Council (BCC) / Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) Modernising Local Government in Buckinghamshire
  • No updates were available from the County and District Councillors.
  • Cllr MH had attended the Buckingham Local Area Forum and reported that:
  • a presentation on  HS2 was given
  • Paul Foot is our new Local Area Technician
  • It was noted that an Environmental Assessment is now required for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.


  1. Finance and Accounts
  • Finance Report: Clerk presented the finance report which was approved by Council.
  • Bank Signatories: Cllr CK to be added to the internet banking.

Action: Clerk to add Cllr CK to list.                                                                                                                               Clerk 

  1. Village Hall redevelopment

The following was noted:

  • Cllr GB had disposed of some rubbish from the hall.
  • The Snooker Room is now in operation and is being used by the Mushroom Club.
  • Cllr GB is getting quotes for changes to the heating system.
  • It was still not clear whether or not a partition wall was required.
  • A regular hirer had been identified.

Action Chair to write to the person identified.                                                                                                      Chair

  • It was agreed that a fire assessment should be held.

Action: Clerk to get dates from Churchills.                                                                                                               Clerk

  1. HS2 / East West Rail / Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

13.1        HS2 See note above.

13.2        East West Rail No updates were available.

13.3        Oxford to Cambridge Expressway. No updates were available.

  1. General Correspondence

The general correspondence had been circulated to Councillors by email and is attached at appendix 1.

  1. Any Other Business
    • Mushroom

It was noted that the repair of the Mushroom is still in hand.

  • VETS

Cllr MH had received handouts for the VETS.

  • Ambulance

It was noted that recently an ambulance had taken several minutes to get through the village due to the parked vehicles.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held in the Village Hall at 8pm on Thursday 21 March 2019.





Meeting closed at 9.35pm








General Correspondence Received


AVDC From Subject
i. 18 Feb Commercial Manager, SEED Strategy Our Vale – crowdfunding workshop invitation
ii. 14 Feb Planning Planning Application Consultation 19/00514/APP
iii. 12 Feb Parish Liaison Officer PC – Crowd funding
iv. 4 Feb Planning Planning Application Consultation 19/00396/ALB
v. 1 Feb Parish Liaison Planning printing feedback
vi. 1 Feb Planning 18/00100/REF – Monkomb Farm appeal
vii. 28 Jan Planning Planning Application Consultation 19/00263/APP
viii. 28 Jan Parish Liaison Planning Application Consultation 19/00263/APP – confirmation of extension to comments deadline to 25 Feb
ix. 24 Jan Planning Planning Application Consultation 19/00263/APP


BCC From Subject
i. 15 Feb Communications ICS newsletter February
ii. 11 Feb Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Manager An Additional Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan Modification Consultation
iii. 5 Feb Buckingham LAF Supplement: Fire and Rescue Update to the agenda for Buckingham Local Area Forum
iv. 4 Feb Buckingham LAF Supplement: TVP Update to the agenda for Buckingham Local Area Forum
v. 1 Feb Buckingham LAF Agenda for Buckingham Local Area Forum, Thursday 7th February 2019, 6.30 pm
vi. 25 Jan Definitive Map & Local Land Charges Team Leader Buckinghamshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan


Association of Local Councils From Subject
i. 5 Feb   Member Benefits – HR Services Partnership
ii. 4 Feb BALC Mailbox BCC News: County choose team of councillors for the new Buckinghamshire Council Shadow Executive
iii. 31 Jan   view from highways England on the Ox-Cam Expressway
iv. 31 Jan   website, which will inform those concerned about the Ox-Cam Expressway.
v. 30 Jan   Committee on Standards in Public Life Report
vi. 29 Jan   TTRO – Winslow Road, East Claydon
vii. 28 Jan   BMKALC 28/1/19 Weekly Update
viii. 24 Jan   TTRO – Various roads, Aylesbury Vale District
ix. 22 Jan   Dignity In care Awards 2019
x. 17 NALC Loneliness Call for Evidence


Other From Subject
i. 29 Feb Thames Valley Police Police & Crime Bulletin February 2019
ii. 11 Feb CIB Course information
iii. 8 Feb Keep Britain Tidy Join Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean
iv. 6 Feb RTM Living Wage Employer Accreditation
v. 5 Feb EWR Alliance East West Rail Update
vi. 4 Feb Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club 9th March 2019 Event Notification
vii. 2 Feb CPRE Do you use the County’s Rights of Way
viii. 31 Jan Blackwood Bayne Bucks Rights of Way Improvement Plan
ix. 30 Jan RTM 2019 grass cutting costs
x. 26 Jan CPRE Star count2019
xi. 22 Jan Thames Valley Police Police & Crime Bulletin January 2019
xii. 21 Jan CIB January 2019 – a celebration of rural communities



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