East & Botolph Claydon

Parish Council

The Council raises money through the precept, which they set every year. The Council decides on the amount they will need for the next year to cover their regular spending on maintenance, insurance, clerk’s salary etc plus any special projects or big items such as major work on the village hall. They then tell AVDC, who collects it on the Parish Council’s behalf as part of the council tax.

The Council’s main responsibilities are maintenance of the village hall and the playground and liaison with the County Council and AVDC on matters like planning, road maintenance and  road safety and we do our best to get our share of whatever money the County Council has available for these things, although we have recently spent some of the Parish Council’s money on road safety.

Planning applications are decided by AVDC, or the County Council for major projects, but we are always invited to comment on applications and AVDC does take account of anything we say.

The Council normally has six regular meetings a year plus an Annual Parish Meeting and these meetings are open to all; a list of dates for the regular meetings is posted on the village hall notice board. We also call additional meetings as needed to deal with anything which might come up at other times. Usually a planning application, as these attract a lot of interest.

This is known as the Civil Parish but there is also a Church Parish, called the Parish of the Claydons, which covers all the Claydons and Calvert and is responsible for the three churches in the villages. The Council can be contacted by e-mailing the parish clerk  or contacting one of your parish councillors.

Your Council

East Claydon Parish Council covers East and Botolph Claydon, with about 150 houses and 290 names on the electoral roll  The areas around. Sandhill and Verney Junction come under the parish of Middle Claydon. Councillors are elected for a period of four years and the next election is due in 2019. The present East Claydon Councillors are:

Peter Wright

01296 715130

Martin Hughes


Paul Lupton


Wayne Marks

01296 714328

Gary Baldwin

Tel: 01296 712706
Mob: 07429 042885

Colin Kitchen
Anouncements & Schedules


Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 87 (2) of the Local Government Act, 1972 that a casual vacancy has occurred in the office of Councillor for the East Claydon Parish.

If any TEN electors for the ward or parish give notice in writing to the Returning Officer by 15 April 2018  requesting that an election be held, the vacancy will be filled at a by-election.

The Returning Officer is Andrew Grant and his address, to which such notice should be sent is,
Electoral Services, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8FF

If no such notice is received, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option of a suitably qualified person.