Parish Council Agenda


I hereby give you notice that the next Meeting of the above-named Parish will be held in East Claydon Village Hall
at 8pm on THURSDAY 19 SEPTEMBER 2019

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out hereunder.

Carole Jackman

Clerk to the Parish Council

Dated: 13 September 2019

Open Forum for Parishioners (under adjournment): 15 minutes for Members and members of the public to raise questions, make

comments, suggest future agenda items etc. Items requiring decisions must be included in the next agenda.

  1. Appointment of new Councillor
  2. Apologies: to receive Councillors’ apologies and approve reasons for absence
  3. Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 15 August 2019: to approve the minutes
  4. Matters Arising – From Item 6 not on the Agenda: For Information.
  5. Planning – to review applications and decisions

4.1 Applications
19/02398/APP: New Farm Barn St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 6 dwellings and associated parking, residential amenity and landscaping:To receive update following site meeting
19/03005/APP: Erection of garage to side elevation | New Farm 2 St Marys Road East Claydon MK18 2NA
Deadline 19 September 2019
4.2 School Car Park: To receive update

  1. Playground – to discuss maintenance issues
  2. Village Speed watch –to receive update including update on Speedwatch police support : Supd Davies
  3. Devolved Services: Review BCC Local Council Devolution Communication, August 2019
  4. Roads\ Pathways – to receive any updates including:


9.1 9.2 9.3

the triangle / island in East Claydon
Report on meeting about white lines renewal Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust grass cutting

  1. Grass\Tree\Hedge cutting – to receive any updates
  2. BCC \ AVDC – to receive update and reports from CC A Macpherson and DC J Chilver
  3. Finance and Accounts:
    1. 10.1  Finance Report – To note payments, inspect invoices and scrutinize bank statements;
    2. 10.2  Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19 – to receive update
  4. Village hall – to receive updates
  5. Oxford to Cambridge Expressway
  6. HS2
  7. East West Rail
  8. Mushroom Tree
  9. Church Roof
  10. General Correspondence – To review general correspondence
  11. Any Other Business – For information and at the discretion of the Chairman any items to be added to the agenda for the

    next meeting

  12. Date of Next Meeting – To agree next Parish Council meeting and Annual Parish Meeting on Thursday 17TH October 2019